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Membership Committee

Membership is the very core of our organization.  Every goal of the LFRW depends on the energy, commitment, and dedication of our members.  The Membership Committee works to recruit new members to our organization and retain the members LFRW already has.

 The Membership Committee develops a plan with the approval of the LFRW President to fulfill its goal for each year.  It presents this plan at LFRW Conferences, on our website, and in talks to clubs around the state.  It also develops a brochure to promote membership.   

Membership forms are located:   Member Center look for categories: membership

 The LFRW Membership Chairman for 2015- 2017 is Gisela Chevalier Bayou State RWC and the Vice Chairman is Maria Fernandez Bayou State RWC

For more information please e-mail or call the LFRW office at either 985-400-1414.